Vaada’s care for nature, along with road safety

trees vaadaDuring monsoons, falling trees and branches are a major hindrance to road safety. Every monsoon, there are huge losses of life due to such incidents. It was on 16th accident took place, the cause being a falling tree. A young man, who was travelling with on his motorbike along his fiancée, died instantly while his fiancée suffered severe injuries after a tree fell on them. The conventional trees that are usually found on our road sides are years old, heavily branched and branches growing in a crooked manner. These trees are susceptible to breakage during heavy wind and rain and are a continuous threat to pedestrians and motorists.

Vaada Foundation understands the need of plants on roads. Hence, Vaada foundation wrote to the respective civic bodies, suggesting them to plant columnar trees to overcome this problem. According to Vaada’s proposal to plant columnar trees, comparably there are many advantages. Columnar trees are usually narrow, single trunked and shorter trees than the usual. They not only hold a feature to grow 10 feet from the ground level but also stand sturdier during monsoons. Planting the columnar trees along the roadside or footpaths are a safer option for pedestrians and motorists as well. Vaada Foundation also suggested some of the best and commonly occurring columnar trees and promised to actively participate in planting these trees all across the city.