About Vaada

Vaada – Is an NGO headquartered at Hyderabad and is founded by Suresh Raju, a young and energetic entrepreneur and Executive Director of online xenical PNR Group. A management graduate from UK, he is passionate about people and their safety on roads. Suresh says, “There are more number of people who die due to road accidents than those who die due to terrorism, natural calamities or due to health hazards.” Vaada strongly holds that just as the government adopts stringent methods to curb social evils and natural calamities, one should focus and try to eliminate all possible reasons to stop accidents on roads.

Did you know?

  • 80% of the road mishaps occur due to the driver’s fault and not due to bad roads or vehicle fault
  • Road rage is a common reason for mishaps on road
  • Faulty driving and, chaos on roads is one of the major reasons for blood pressure, heart attacks, hearing impairment, asthma, paranoia and other physical illnesses
  • 80% of the pedestrians and fellow-commuters face tension and fear on roads which increases the blood pressure and other physical ailments
  • The families of those who die in road accidents due to faulty driving are forever doomed with fear, anger and sheer helplessness

That’s why Vaada is formed!

Vaada Mission:

  • To educate the commuters of Hyderabad about the dangers in violating traffic rules
  • To educate the masses about the basic rules of the road
  • To bring awareness among the citizens the loss of manpower due to road accidents which is more than terrorism, natural calamities and health hazards
  • To bring to the notice of the government authorities about traffic violators
  • To act as an extended arm of the government authorities to help citizens drive better and safely
  • To drastically bring down mishaps on road
  • To make every Indian citizen traffic-savvy