Living the profession of her husband

yasodhaThe previous year, Ramulu, a home guard in the Hyderabad Traffic Police died in a road accident. Hewas survived by his wife and 1-year old daughter. Ramulu’s death brought in a cut down the family’s only earning hands. After the conversation with the then DCP Mr Ashok Kumar sir, Vaada Foundation decided to stretch sympathy and support to Ramulu’s widow, Yashoda. Vaada Foundation then supported Yashoda by giving her an honorarium of Rs 50,000/- for her immediate needs. Then,Vaada Foundation also realized the Home guards were not insured. Vaada Foundation’s efforts to get the home guards insured succeed on a vast scale. Last year, over 700 home guards got insured.

Vaada Foundation also realized the need of an earning source for Yashoda to live her life the stableway. Vaada Foundation spoke to the Home Guard Commandant and also the Commissioner of Police to bestow Yashoda with an opportunity to serve as a home guard, same as her husband did when alive. Vaada Foundation takes pride to see Yashoda, after training, now serving the community as a home guard, living with her head held high on a government job with a regular income. Indeed Vaada Foundation thanks all the people who stretched support for helping Yashoda get the Home guard’s job.