Welcome to Vaada

Vaada – Is an NGO headquartered at Hyderabad and is founded by Suresh Raju, a young and energetic entrepreneur and Executive Director of PNR Group. A management graduate from UK, he is passionate about people and their safety on roads. Suresh says, “There are more number of people who die due to road accidents than those who die due to terrorism, natural calamities or due to health hazards.” Vaada strongly holds that just as the government adopts stringent methods to curb social evils and natural calamities, one should focus and try to eliminate all possible reasons to stop all traffic online xenical injuries or deaths.

How you can contribute to Vaada

If you share the same passion as Vaada to change the way our city drives, you can become a registered volunteer by filling up the Volunteer Form and get involved in the Vaada activities.

Urban Transport Investment For the New State of Andhra Pradesh

Vaada Foundation was approached by many to study about the new state of AP and the aspects of urban transport requirements since the division issues came into limelight. Vaada Foundation conducted the study, with the support of one of the most prominent Delhi based organization, iTrans , who holds a tremendous experience and has been working with the Haryana Vision 2030. After a few weeks of study, the reports were then sent to the Group of Ministers (GOM) appointed for the AP reorganization.Click Here for PDF

Please send your feedback to info@vaada.org.com

Vaada Road safety ad campaign