Driving down the hill- Best practices for a safe journey

Hilly areas are indeed beautiful but at the same time risky for travelling, especially during winters. Some of the important aspects you need to remember when driving in hilly are:

• Firstly, be sure the lights, brakes, defrosters, windshield pipe, engine etc. are in a good working condition. As you may be travelling to a hill area, these elements may be prone to increased force. Drive slower and increase your following distance. Road conditions may vary depending upon the sun, shade or road surface.

• Start slowly and be gentle while applying brakes and steady strokes.

• If you have crossed a snowy hill area, stop and clean the windows .Do not move any further keeping the windshield unclear and frosted. It is always better to have a non-freezing windshield washer liquid in handy.

Remember, however clear and dry a road may seem, always travel on bridges and turnabouts slowly as they may still be icy.