Clean roads contribute to safe driving

As citizens of the nation, paying taxes on time and voting for best authorities are not the only responsibilities we hold. We owe much more to our mother land. One of the major neglections to road safety today is road maintenance. You may notice every now and then how deteriorated our roads have become over the years. We do not deny that over the decade, the government has made a huge development with respect to road structure, road facilities like bridges, footways, footpaths etc. but despite all these our roads are never the superior way. The major for such is the irresponsible of us, the citizens. Strictness of road maintenance is just showed in areas associated to huge corporate sectors or societies. The more conscious we become on roads, the better roads we gift to ourselves as well as the society. To respect our roads, make sure we remember the things as follows:

• While travelling in a car, use a car dust bin instead of littering the trash on roads.

• As pedestrians, while walking on roads, do not spoil the beauty of roads by spitting or throwing thrash.

• Many people use colony roads or street roads to wash their vehicles. Instead, choose a garage or a park to clean your vehicles.

Overall, inculcating a habit of road maintenance and road safety will not only help oneself but also inspire others, making a progressive chain towards superior roads.